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Methodological Institute of International Relations

        The major training program run by the Forum is Methodological Institute of International Relations (MIIR). MIIR forms the basis for other Forums networking activities and is one of our oldest projects. Two training sessions are conducted each year, during winter and summer university vacations.

       Each MIIR session enrolls 20 Russian and CIS scholars and professors below the age of 40 for an 8-days training conducted by the leading Russian and international experts in the field of international relations and security. The degree of Bachelor or above is a pre-requisite for participation in the Institute.

        Enrollment to MIIR sessions is highly competitive with an average of 80 applications received by the Organizing Committee for each session. Participants receive full compensation of travel expenses and accommodation.

        The Institute aims to provide a platform for an open exchange on issues of teaching and studying International Politics and Economics as well as related disciplines. MIIR focuses on theoretical and methodological aspects of International Relations and Security, International Political Economy, Conflict Studies and Political Psychology.

        A major impediment to the rapid professional growth of talented Russian and CIS regional analysts and junior faculty has long been insufficient access to the most recent publications in the field as well as the lack of feedback on and competent reviewing of their publications and teaching techniques. Although situation has somewhat improved with the growing availability of the Internet in regional universities and research centers, many local research communities have not yet established strong enough bonds with their colleagues in Russia, the CIS and other countries. Full access to the Western scholarship and information on the current debates in the discipline is still a problem. Therefore, the primary task of the MIIR faculty is to inform Russian and CIS regional experts and junior faculty about the newest approaches and debates in international relations theory and research methods and to stimulate creative thinking on and interpretation of the current trends in international politics and economy.

        Participants also present their own papers to the fellow audience and Institute faculty. Each presentation is extensively peer reviewed and discussed by the Institute faculty. The Forum distributes its publications, including monographs and the most recent International Trends issues free of charge among MIIR participants. Participants are briefed by Forums partner Moscow-based think-tanks and grant making institutions, such as the MacArthur Foundation, Carnegie Moscow Center, Open Society Institute and others, on their current initiatives and projects such as publications or calls for grant and conference applications.

        From the inception of the program until 2006, the Forum held 18 MIIR sessions.


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