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           Over ten years we have been building, in Russia and CIS countries, an autonomous scholarly community of individual political scientists and experts on international policy and security. We are less focused on institutions and more concerned with network-building among individuals male and female, Russian and non-Russian, younger and mature. Russias academic community now gradually abandon their dependence on bureaucratic structures, as scholars learn to rely upon each other instead of remaining tied up by their formal job affiliations.
          Our alumni network now embraces over 200 younger scholars and university professors from 50 cities of the Russian Federation and 7 CIS countries. We are making clear progress in our publications program. In 2003, the long-awaited four-volume Systemic History of International Relations. 1918-2003 was published to become a basic textbook for Russian university students majoring in world politics and international relations. It is a first Russian book of the kind written on a non-institutional basis, in no direct affiliation with a single research or educational center. More recently, an extensive paper by one of the Forums fellows, addressing the evolution of transatlantic relations over the last 15 years and its implications for Russia, saw light and was distributed through Forums regional network of scholars, faculty and library outlets in 50 cities of the Russian Federation and CIS states. Two other collective monographs; presenting the results of Forums network research projects, are to appear before the end of 2005. These and other publications are made available freely at the Forums web site.
          In 2003, we embarked on a new ambitious project the International Trends journal which has become the first Russian periodical focused on international relations theory and world politics. Directed by an international team of academic advisors, it keeps its pages open for regional scholars, Western and CIS contributors.
          In 2002-2004, we were lucky to obtain new interesting partners and supporters. We have signed a protocol on cooperation with the School of International Relations of Voronezh University while the London International Institute of Strategic Studies became our partner in organizing conferences in Barnaul and Krasnodar. The Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation), the ISE-Center and NATO Information Office in Moscow joined the circle of our much-appreciated sponsors, allowing us to widen the scope and increase the effectiveness of a number of our programs.
          Much has been accomplished, even more remains to be done. Thinking of the future, we fully acknowledge that none of our past successes would have been achieved without attention and assistance we have always been receiving from the MacArthur Foundation to which we owe our birth.

Alexei Bogaturov, President

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